Worldwide, each country, region and city offers a multitude of tourist attractions that will highlight their heritage and their specificity.

Digital tourism tours are experiencing growing success and adoption with travelers, thanks to their ease of use and the variety of sectors of activities they offer: historical, cultural, foodies, outdoor activities, just to name a few.

Aliogo is a free mobile application that will guide the user with GPS, to must see attractions with detailed descriptions, pictures, audio and videos with or without the need of an Internet connection!

Rich guided tour description

  • HD image
  • User reviews
  • Duration, distance, recommended transportation
  • Visiting period
  • Audience
  • Full description
  • Disabled accessibility
  • Social sharing on Facebook
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Contact information (phone, web, email)

An immersive experience

Tourist routes are very popular. They allow the discovery of various sectors: cultural, epicurean, natural, etc.

Integrate your tours to increase your region's exposure. Through places of interest, users can discover your local gems guided by GPS, with the help of photos, texts, videos and audio tracks. And all of this without any internet connection!

Make your attraction shine!

  • 4 HD images
  • Full description
  • Video
  • Audio
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Opening hours
  • Contact information (phone, web, email)
  • Social sharing of favorites among users

With the objective of assisting you to stimulate tourism activities of your region, aliogo allows you to migrate your paper tourism tours by offering you a cloud based platform in order to recreate and publish them on the aliogo application for all iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Whether you're a tourism stakeholder at a municipal level, RTA (regional tourism association) or other commercial groups in the industry this will offer substantial functionalities and benefits.


  • Increased visibility, by offering relevant information promoting key points of interests to travelers
  • Customization and sustainability of content that can be updated according to seasonal requirements or events
  • Printing and updating cost reductions
  • Rapid implementation and deployment at small cost


  • Cloud based platform allowing the creation and publication from any computer with Internet connectivity
  • Multimedia support with pictures, texts, videos and audio files
  • GEO positioning and management assisted by GPS
  • Categorized tours by preferences or themes
  • Customizable survey to pool your users
  • Social media sharing support for travelers
  • Technical support and professional services available to help you in all aspects of your development

Everything for a setup fee of $995 CAD and yearly fees starting at $495 CAD.

For additional information, please contact us using the form below and to purchase the publishing tour platform, please click here.

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